What it is:
Mobile coach is a mobile web-based app designed by a professional certified coach designed to offer you a structure for:
Making positive changes in your life
2 Setting and Keeping Goals
2 Offering you personal development at an affordable price
2 Linking you to resources and tools that will help change your life
  Who the App is for:
2 Busy moms who can create a few "me" moments during a busy day
2 Busy professionals who don’t have time for long calls
2 Anyone starting a new exercise or diet program and needing some encouragement
2 People who use self-help or self-development books and courses
  What You Need:
2 A Smartphone* that is powered by:
  2 BlackBerry: 9800, 9500, 9520, 9530, 9550
  2 Android: HTC, Motorola, Samsung, SonyEricsson
  2 iOS: Apple iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad (coming soon)
2 A Windows™ or Mac™ Computer:
  2 Windows™/Mac™ Web Browser: Internet Exporer, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  How it Works:
  When you purchase the app you will:
2 Be directed to a members only site
2 Receive daily emails with helpful tips, hints, and tools designed to help you stay motivated
2 Have access to a professional certified coach through live chats
2 Be enrolled in our monthly newsletter called "Inspiration Station"
2 Receive 10% off other Living Forward services, including individual coaching